French Daredevil Remi Lucidi: A Thrill-Seeking Adventure

Remi Lucidi, a fearless daredevil hailing from Montpellier City, captured the world’s attention with his astonishing high-rise stunts and breathtaking climbs. This remarkable Frenchman spent his days exploring the globe, seeking out exhilarating heights, and documenting his awe-inspiring adventures on social media. From climbing towering structures in Dubai, Bulgaria, and France to braving France’s tallest chimney without any safety gear, Lucidi’s passion for pushing boundaries knew no bounds.

Exploring the World’s Heights

In 2016, Remi Lucidi embarked on his daredevil journey and introduced himself to the world as @remnigma on Instagram. Through a captivating video compilation, he showcased his fearless climbs, conquering cranes, bridges, and even a Ferris wheel. With each post, he solidified his reputation as a photographer capturing incredible views from astonishing heights.

A Tragic End

On a fateful day in Hong Kong, tragedy struck as Lucidi ventured onto the Tregunter Tower complex, intending to explore its heights. A domestic helper witnessed him trapped on a penthouse window of the 68th floor and alerted the authorities for assistance. However, before help could arrive, the daredevil met his untimely demise, falling from the building and leaving behind his sports camera, which contained priceless videos of his extraordinary adventures.

Remembering the Daredevil

Lucidi’s Instagram, @remnigma, serves as a testament to his daring spirit. The account immortalizes the breathtaking beauty of his last destination, Hong Kong’s Times Square in Causeway Bay. As the world mourns the loss of this audacious adventurer, social media users continue to leave heartfelt “rest in peace” comments on his final post.

Lucidi’s Global Pursuit

Throughout his life, Remi Lucidi embodied the true essence of adventure and exploration. Although he was born in Montpellier City, he spent much of his time in Hong Kong, drawn to the city’s magnetic allure and skyscraping wonders. With an insatiable hunger for heights, he scaled famous skyscrapers in Dubai, Bulgaria, and France, leaving his mark on each one.

Paying Tribute

In the wake of this tragic event, friends, acquaintances, and strangers pay tribute to the extraordinary daredevil. The hostel owner, Gurjit Kaur, warmly recalls Lucidi as a humble and friendly soul. His fellow travelers remember his words of excitement about hiking mountains during his stay in Hong Kong.

Lucidi’s Lasting Legacy

Remi Lucidi’s legacy will forever live on through the memories of his remarkable feats and death-defying escapades. He exemplified what it means to be an adventurer, capturing the hearts of those who followed his exhilarating journey. His stories will continue to inspire thrill-seekers and adventurers worldwide to embrace their passions and conquer new heights with courage and fearlessness.


In the world of daredevilry, Remi Lucidi’s name shines bright. A passionate adventurer, he sought to conquer the most astounding heights, leaving an indelible mark on the world through his breathtaking climbs and audacious stunts. As we bid farewell to this fearless soul, we remember his daring spirit, and his legacy will forever inspire those who seek the thrill of pushing boundaries and soaring to new heights. Rest in peace, Remi Lucidi – the enigma of daring pursuits.

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